Your Very Own Online Merch Store

Let us take away the stress of merchandise sales and marketing from your list of things to do.

At Merch1st we…

• Host your store for FREE

• Print your artwork onto our products

• Fulfill and dispatch orders direct to your customers

• Pay you commission on each sale you make

You do not need any money upfront, purchase 100s of items or pay to have your own shop online. Simply earn your commission on each sale you make.

Your Own Store at Merch1st

We host your merchandise store for free.

Custom Printed Merchandise

Print your artwork directly onto our products.

Dispatch you Custom Printed Merchandise

Dispatch directly to your customers.

What does it cost you?

It costs nothing to have a range of products on your store. Any sale is money directly for you.

We have a large product range which is constantly being added to all the time. You just need to decide which products you would like to feature on your store with you artwork on.

How do we make money?

Simply there is a base price for each product we sell. You then decide on how much you would like to add to each item to sell (commission).

So when a sale takes place we take our costs for fulfilling the order and you receive your commission. A classic win, win situation!

Save more money!

If your store turnover is over £500 a month (excluding commission) then our base prices reduce by 10%, over £1000 and its 20%! So the more you sell, the cheaper our products become and the more commission you are able to make. Or you can of course pass on the savings direct to your fans and reduce your retail price.

Want to find out more or start your own FREE store now? Simply get in touch using this form below or contact us via the links on the contact us page.