About Us

Since 2005 we have been supplying direct to the entertainment industry. What started off as a CD and DVD business www.djmixmaster.co.uk soon evolved in www.demomaster.co.uk in 2007.

We still to this day supply runs from 10 units upto 1000s each day for bands, artists, djs, promoters etc. Where this used to be the primary way of the end user listening to the audio or viewing the video, the role of the CD and DVD has changed. Over the years we have seen this medium become a piece of merchandise, fully packaged to join the rest of the merchandise table.

It was this change, alongside investing in new equipment, that in the mid 2010s our direction moved towards the short run, merchandise market. Our Demomaster website still continues to supply larger quantities to this day however we spotted the gap in the market for on demand merch.

So in 2020 we launched www.merch1st.com to cater for the demand. COVID19 heightened the fact that with no events, shows or exhibitions, the whole entertainment industry lost it’s way of generating revenue. Merch1st presented the solution for individuals, groups and businesses to begin generating revenue again without the need to outlay any costs and deliver products direct to their customers/fans.

A simple idea, with a series of individual shops promoting our products, but with your artwork on. Thw ability to set your own price and make your commission on each sale. No need to buy 100s of t shirts of differing sizes and see if they sell, then 10 years on you still have 5 Xsmall or 3 5XLarge garments in a box up in the loft!

We only print what you sell so no wasting money, time or effort. Like the sound of this and want to try out for yourself? Please get in contact and have a look around our demo shop here.