Washable and reusable, our Snoods are priced at £7.
Max print area 70mm x 70mm

Currently only available in black

You simply add your commission on top. So if you would like to make £5 per Face Covering sale then this will need to retail at £12.


Made in Britain, this non-surgical snood is comfortable and easy to wear. The snood can be machine washed to 60c.

95% Soft scuba polyester, 5% Elastane 4-way stretch breathable fabric

One Size
Disclaimer: The AXQ face cover is designed to aid defence against the spread of infection. It makes no assurances that it can prevent transmission or infection of disease or viruses. It is not a medical or clinical face mask and as such should not be used for this purpose, it should not be used under any circumstances where infection level is high and in any exposure to high level heat sources or combustible substances.


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All the products you see here are fully customisable with your artwork to sell in your own store. Prices shown are our base price. You simply add on your commission to make the retail price.

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