Show off you branding £10.

You simply add your commission on top. So if you would like to make £5 per Slipmat sale then this will need to retail at £15. Or if you’re selling in pairs then will need to retail at £20.



All slipmats are 12″ diameter unless otherwise stated, 7″ & 10″ Slipmats are available on request.

Professional Grade 12″ Slipmats 

  • Material: 100% polyester felt,
  • Weight: 16oz Felt,
  • Diameter: 12″,
  • Thickness: 2.3mm,
  • Bottom Surface: Glazed,
  • Grade: Strong High quality,
  • Feel: Soft,
  • Accuracy: Precise.

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All the products you see here are fully customisable with your artwork to sell in your own store. Prices shown are our base price. You simply add on your commission to make the retail price.

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